Eureka vs. Lisbon lemon

subtropixDecember 17, 2011

Which do you prefer and why? Is one cold hardier or more robust than the other? Tree thorniness? Any other difference you note. Thanks.

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Okay, I am prejudiced; if I have to choose between Eureka or Lisbon I would choose Meyer!!... For California the Lisbon is better for fruit size mostly; and it has a little more esthetic shape. For New Jersey, I would go with Eureka, it stands cold a little better. FYI the 3 main varieties of "Lemon", which in English means yellow, are Eureka, Lisbon, and Berna (I call them the ELB base, as they are fungible; i.e., the consumer cannot or does not differentiate among them. You can add the Villafranca from Italy and the Genova from Chile, lesser varieties that fit the same mold... they all look similar and sell for the same price. The Meyer, being a superior lemon in every way, typically sells at 2-3 times the ELB base; but is a bit more sensitive in post harvest handling, shipping and shelflife.

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The Eureka is at home in the cool Pacific Coast climate. I have read where Lisbons do well in near desert climates in California. I have seen a few very high quality Lisbons grown in warm micro climates in Houston. In my experience and along with some long time citrus growers, it is a waste of time trying to grow Eureka in the heat of the Gulf Coast or similar climate.

Now for the subjective part. I find the aftertaste of Meyer to be objectionable if used as fresh juice. A dessert chef can do wonders with it. That's not just me, I know of others who think the same. I also know plenty of people who like the taste of fresh Meyer lemons.

In Texas, Meyer lemons from the Rio Grande Valley are marketed as "Valley lemons" and may be priced from 2/3 of the true lemon price to little over true lemons.

For me, the Ponderosa can't be beat for lemonade.

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I just bought myself a Lisbon, to go with my Meyer and my Pink Lemonade (Eureka). I have read that they have a slightly cleaner lemon flavor than the Eureka. They are supposed to be thornier than Eureka, but also more cold tolerant once well established.

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Reading mixed info on cold tolerances of each. Have had great luck with the Meyer's and Eureka. We'll see, just bought myself the Lisbon..--Heck, if you're a citrus freak might as well go all out, right. My Meyer's is quite compact (due to it being a dwarf), the Eureka is sprawling--productive but not kind of gawky, would you say the Lisbon is more compact/denser?

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