lavender + keeping deer from fruit trees?

squidy(8a)March 18, 2011

I want to keep the deer from eating my two new trees (plum and pear) and I'm reading that lavender repels deer, (among other plants, but lavender is the one I have) but does that just mean they don't eat lavender, or does that mean it actually drives them off? I put some bundles of it in my trees, and I want to know if I should do anything more.

If lavender isn't going to work, I would like solutions that are low-maintenance, like something permanent that I can put in/near the tree... like maybe something I can plant next to it. My lavender bush is too far away. I don't really want to hang shiny things in the trees because it looks a little obnoxious. Unless you think a small wind chime would work?

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Deer do not like lavender, but it will take a lot of lavender to create a mass planting that is sufficient to deter the deer. They don't like to walk through it because they will get the lavender oil on their hair. One lavender plant will not keep them away.

Wind chimes won't work after the first try.

A tall fence, or an organic and non-toxic repellent that won't harm your fruit trees is your best option. I don't use deer repellent, but I use rabbit repellent called "I Must Garden" that can be ordered online and they make a deer repellent, too.

That said, since you have only two trees, you might try a trick that I use to keep deer from plowing through my seeds when they first sprout in the garden:

32" high moveable wire border fence (can be purchased at Lowe's or Home Depot in my area for about $1 per linear foot) can be used to circle each tree. You just stick the fence in the ground and connect the links to form the circle.
Put the fence 4-5 feet away from the tree.
On the outside of that circle, place another circle of the 32" high wire fence that is 3-4 feet away from the inner circle.
You have to completely close the circles from all sides.

Therefore, you have created TWO low, inexpensive circles of fence around each tree. Deer can jump high, but will not jump wide -- especially since they cannot hit the ground in the small space of 3-4 feet between the two fences.

Those are my suggestions. I have a large deer-resistant flower garden without fences or repellents.

Best wishes! They can be a challenge.

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