Ultrasonic or Electronic Deer/Elk Repellents???

judysgardens(7)March 26, 2008

I live on a 5 acre property and have approximately 1/2 acre around my home landscaped. I've lived there for 3 years and the Elk and deer, mostly Elk, come through and eat trees & plants, break branches and knock down lighting, etc. I am putting in deer fencing this year which will cover a complete enclosure of the landscaped area, except for the driveway opening. The fencing will be electrified wire fencing, but the opening of the driveway is approximately 10 feet wide and we don't have a gate so it will be open. I am thinking that I will install some type of mechanical deterrent like one of those ultrasonic motion sensors, or the motion activated scarecrow sprinkler on either side of the driveway to keep them from entering through that opening.

Does anyone have any experience with these ultrasonic or electronic systems? I've seen a few different brands, the HERD Electronic Deer Repellent, BIRD-X INC DG "DEER GARD, Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent are a few I've seen online. I know that the Scarecrow Sprinklers work, but I would have to run a hose down the side of the driveway because the hose facet is up at the house and the driveway is about 60' long, so I would rather use something else if it works.

Before I buy one or two, I would love some feedback if anyone has tried them.

Thanks so much

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I know I am late answering this but I would invest in one of those cattle grates across the driveway...of course it would have to be pretty wide...

I have heard that the ultrasonic/electric don't work at all and very much annoy young children....

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I have the Deer Tech devices formerly Nature Technologies. I have had them for two years. It helped in the beginning but the deer still come. From what I have learned deer get used to the sounds eventually. The company comes out and sprays once a month. I can do that myself. I have been researching everything I can to find something prevent deer from destroying my plants. It doesn't help that my neighbor feeds them!!! I also have a deer netting 7.5 feet high all around except the driveways (circular so two unprotected areas). We had the fencing on poles that you had to manually pull across the driveway at night. It was a pain in the neck. I have used the motion sensor sprinklers there. They helped but then all cars get sprayed! I believe you have to use many different deterrents together. So all in all I have come to the conclusion that a high permanent (the deer have jumped over, through and crawled under mine as it is not the strongest available) fence with driveway gates is the solution and an expensive one! Heck with all the money I have spent so far I could have had the fence and it would have paid for itself!

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Thanks for the tips. cathyw - it sounds like you are in a similar situation as we are. We are going to encircle the entire property with the 7.5' heavy polypropylene fencing, stapling it to the ground as well. Along the street and in front of our property which is about 200' wide is where they come in the most, we are putting in electric wire fencing. The driveway which is about 10' wide will be between the electric fencing, so we're hoping that they can't walk along looking for an opening because they will get shocked on both sides of the opening. I am going to try the scarecrow water motion sprayers on either side of the opening first. I'm not too worried about the cars getting wet as long as it keeps the elk and deer out. If not, then I guess we'll have to break down and put in a gate. This fencing already has a price tag of $10,000 because along with the fencing, we have CC&R's that say we have to landscape to hide the fencing along the street, so we have to put in attractive landscaping and trees to hide the posts. We also have to extend our irrigation system to water the new plantings!!! So, what's another $3,000 for a gate, right????

mgray2- the cattle grate would be a good idea, however, I'm sure the Homeowners' Association wouldn't approve and the driveway is already in, and from what I've seen, it has to be inlaid level with the driveway. Also, the pricetag on those are over $3,000 so, I'd rather put in an electric gate for that price. Thanks!

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