another privacy tree question - with a twist

shodorov(7)March 2, 2006

I live in Brooklyn, NY (zone 6). I just learned that the house that was torn down in the lot diagonally behind mine will be replaced with a 3 story condo unit! so now I need mote privacy then a 6' fence can provide...

My yard is pretty small 40' x 40' so I need a tall tree with somewhat of a wide canopy that starts high up with a thin trunk.

I prefer an evergreen...

Any suggestions?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Leylandii cypress are fast growing evergreen conifers that could be limbed up but you'd have to plant several to get wide coverage.

Most shade trees are deciduous and slow growing.

what about some sort of garden structure like a pergola or arbor to block the view from above? Would shade your yard but that might be a good thing.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Possibly evergreen sweetbay (Magnolia virginiana var. australis) would work for you. A landscaper or nursery may be able to get a large specimen through a broker, if there is not one on hand in the area already.

I would say generally deciduous trees are faster than coniferous (and other) evergreens, at least in cold climates. Some broadleaf evergreens in mild climates are very fast, gums (Eucalyptus) being a familiar example where I live, but generally the yards per year growth rates are made by kinds like poplars and willows in the North.

Rather than planting a coarse tree that will overwelm your lot buy a big specimen of a slower, more refined one (like sweetbay).

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