Privacy fence as deterrent

anne711(5)March 9, 2008

In Deerproofing Your Yard and Garden, Rhonda Massingham Hart writes that a 5 foot fence is an effective deterrent to deer if they can't see through it or get through or around it. In other words, if it is a solid privacy fence. Her point is that deer will not jump over a fence if they can't see if there will be a safe place to land on the other side. Is this true? If so, is expense the only reason people don't use privacy fences to keep out deer? We have just moved to Muskingum County, Ohio, which has thegreatest deer concentration in the state. The house we are moving into is on a half acre lot, about half of which would be considered the back yard. We are willing to spend a lot of money to put a privacy fence around most of the back yard, IF it would really keep deer out. We have considered using mesh deer fencing, but we are afraid it would not be strong enough to keep dogs IN. What is your experience with privacy fencing of different heights?

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Check out this site for more details regarding fencing and other deer control solutions - I have found the info on this site very helpful. We have installed an 8 ft high fence around our garden - so far we are deer free.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deer Departed

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