Otto Luyken and Deer

dorry2April 13, 2011

Do deer generally stay away from all cultivars of Otto Luyken? Also, is it true that deer will generally not "dine" while standing on a hard surface (patio, street) but prefer a softer surface - grass, dirt? I have never heard this and am questioning this comment from a landscape designer. Thanks.

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So has anyone had deer issues with Cherry or Skip Laurel?"

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I have two Otto Luyken cherry laurels in my yard. Deer haven't touched them since I put them in - 3 years. And, yes, they walk right by them on their nightly strolls!


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The comment on hard surfaces and deer--they don't like to step on metal--just like the cattle guards work. If you lay down some chicken wire around your delicacies, that will help.

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The deer around here are not put off by hard surfaces. They stroll up and down the streets nibbling from everyone's gardens.

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rosiew(8 GA)

I had Otto Luykens for years and never observed ANY deer damage. They're lovely shrubs.

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