hinoki cypress

tonya499(6 UT)April 15, 2010

I live in Salt Lake City UT where the winters are cold and the summers are seriously hot. I want to plant a hinoki cypress in the foundation flower bed of my north facing home. What are the chances of survival? A little early morning sun, but mostly shade and hot hot hot in the summer. P.S. Japonica pieris fried in this bed and I didn't think you could kill those. :-)

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My area is alittle colder than yours, and I know Hinoki will grow around here, provided it's in the right spot.
I almost bought one last fall at an end of season nursery auction, but I was talked out of doing so. They are such beautiful plants & I really hope to have one someday.

I planned to put it at the northwest corner of our house, but was told it needs full sun or the inside branches & leaves will brown and excessively thin-out. It's not tolerant of harsh cold winds either, and was also warned it would need to be wrapped every winter for a few years in a windy spot.

I think I saw an example of the part-sun browning at a different nursery. A row of smaller potted trees spent the entire summer up next to a row of taller bigger Hinokis, and the plants were dead-looking on their touching sides. I was surprised the nursery hadn't noticed this & spread them out, or at least spun the pots around occasionally. I know they grow slow around here, so they would maybe stay unbalanced-looking for a long time.

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A lawn maintenance crew had planted a Hinoki Cypress in our front foundation bed in a north facing corner that got ZERO sunlight when we first moved in about 15 yrs ago. The tree is definitely still very much alive and it is approx 10' high but thinned out for sure...so clearly not the best place for it. However, we just transplanted it about 2 weeks ago to a mostly southern exposure where it will get at least 6 hrs of sunlight from now on. I took a pic and I'll take another one next year so I can see any possible difference. I don't know how well these trees are supposed to transplant so I guess we'll see. I'm crossing my fingers. It really is a beautiful tree.

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