Are blueberry bushes deer resistant

scaly(6)April 19, 2005

Are small blueberry bushes (1-2ft tall)deer resistant or will they destroy them? What about rabbits?

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:) mostly birds, and neighborhood children you never knew existed...

never seen one in a deer- infested area, though- the only ones I know are on domesicated (ie fenced) land.

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Small blueberry bushes are not deer resistant in heavily populated (by Deer) areas. If you want them to grow using fencing of any kind. If you want to harvest blueberries for your own use, then you need to use netting or chicken wire (poultry fencing (netting)) to keep the birds out.

I have 16 too tall (14'-16') BB bushes (deer browsing lower branches/leaves, they are all about 25 years old (deer didn't used to be a problem), now they are! So, I fenced 8 of them off (for the birds, using 2" by 4" wire mesh - 5' high) and the other 8 (for family consumption by building a framework covered with poultry netting top too! (chicken wire). I am also trying to prune them back ( both sets ) to a reasonable BB size ( about 6') but will have to take my time to do it (too much wood to remove at one time - I won't take out more than 1/3 per year!).

BB's are deer food ( and bird food ), birds are okay! Too many deer around me aren't!!

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I have about 10 4-5 year old NJ blueberry bushes and deers do not bother them much. Once a while, you'll see some leaves eaten, but we have all kinds of wild life, rabbit, squirrel, fox, racoon, many... The bushes are not fenced.

During fruiting time, I net the bushes. This will prevent the birds get to them. Other animals do not want to mess with the net....

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kbcherokee(Z6b Pa.)

I live in a forested area that has many blueberry bushes. The deer do not eat the bushes but do browse on the berries.

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