Utility Pole/guide wire

kim_talley(z7 OK)April 2, 2004

We bought an existing home with virtually no landscaping in place. We are at a loss as to where we should start. The problem is that on the east side of the house, there is a utility pole beside our garage with a guide wire. The electric company wants over $500 to move the wire but will not move the pole. We don't want to be out that kind of money but aren't sure how to work around it. Any ideas would be helpful.


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Can you plant some conifers near the pole? Without a photo it's difficult to imagine. There is a utility pole at the edge of my property so I planted a Cryptomeria to grow and obscure most of it.

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Yes, you could plant evergreens around the pole, and you could plant climbing vines to grow up the guide wire.

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A rapid growing vine is the ornamental hops. or you can plant a wisteria which will give you lovely blooms. Choose the wisteria "Lawrence' which only takes 3 years to produce flowers.

You can set up several birdhouses around it. You can set up climbing roses and clematis around it. And you can underplant it with day lilies too. You can also attached metal hooks for hanging baskets.

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