Deer Out repellent

berkgirl01April 7, 2008

New to this forum so sorry if the question has been asked before. Has anyone used a product called "Deer Out?" I am desperate! Human hair, garlic & soap have not worked. Will buy a Scarecrow timed sprinkler for my larger gardens but don't want hoses all over my front yard.

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Try planting perennials around because the commercial stuff normally doesn't work. Might even try dried blood.
Sweet Woodruff, Catnip, Creeping Thyme, Bugleweed, Pachysandra, Liriope are plants deer supposedly do not like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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I've been experimenting using garlic, one egg and some milk, a little bit of oil and dishwashing liquid. Strain through a coffee filter and spray it on plants. I'll let you know what happens.

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Hey, I just saw your msg and I SWEAR by Deer-Out here in the poconos. We are completely overrun and Deer-Out works for me. But I have to be obssessive about spraying every few days -- I will go through three or four of the concentrate bottles ($33 a pop!) every season.

If I forget even for a week, the deer are all over the plants.

It's a toss-up after 10 years whether I could've saved money at this point by installing a serious fence. But we have seven-plus acres and it'd be physically and legally impossible to fence it all in, even if we had the $$ ...

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Liquid Fence also works very well. It stinks to high heaven (much worse than eggs and garlic, or Deer Off), so don't spray it if you plan to hang out outside immediately after, but it works, and it lasts longer after rain than some of the other products.

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Try mixing cayenne pepper with some plain flour and sprinkle on your plants early in the morning while the dew is on. Works very well for deer, rabbits, etc. The flour binds the mix to the plant.



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The commercial deer repellant DOES work for me. I use Deer Out, Liquid Fence, and another one whose name I forgot. I use one brand one week, then switch the next week. They all stink.

My deer DO eat liriope. They eat most any kind of it.But not now. The sprays really work. This is the first year my hostas, liriope and roses have survived. Not even a bite. They are usually long gone by now (the plants).

We have a herd of deer in our neighborhood. They have plenty of woods, streams, etc. from which to get food and water. I am really happy with the results of the deer repellants.

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Deer Out has worked exceptionaly well for us over the years.I've been a long time user. Unfortunately Deer Out was the last repellent I found instead of the 1st. I think we tried every product in existance(with not much luck)the first few years living in Deer country. LOL
I buy It here in Hunterdon County NJ im not sure were they sell it but heres there web site

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tkctwbd(nc mtn)

We have found Deer Scram (granular) to be quite effective with use of Deer Out occasionally - once/week or maybe every ten days. And the Scram works 45 days! This is the first yr we have tried the Scram, and the first yr that we have been able to kept the deer OUT of our yard.
Another thing we have done: we have a row of trees that the deer cross through to get to our yd; so we put fishing wire (50 LBS) around trees from bottom to six-seven feet high - making an invisible fence. This has stopped them from coming thru to eat our numerous hostas. They also smell the Scram and the Out at the fence. This stopped their habit.
Now we need to get thru the winter when they love to eat our rhododendrons.
You can get the Scram online with free shipping if it is your first order. I don't remember the company though

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Last year I only needed to use deer out 3 times the whole growing season. This year the deer seems to have become used to it a little more so I switched to liquid fence and will alternate between the two.
Kren Im in the poconos. I know excatly what you mean.

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I agree with dragonplant, Liquid Fence works well. I've never had deer damage to plants that have been appropriately treated with Liquid Fence. The main ingredients are rotten eggs and garlic, so it does stink to high heaven. It is pretty expensive. A quart of concentrate cost close to 4o dollars.

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Deer Out has worked very well for us...We've been using using it exclusively for the past three + years...It is absolutely more effective than any other repellents we tried...It also smells nice & minty compared to all the rotten egg repellents we tried in the past.

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Deer population is still growing. Liquid Fence hasn't worked very wel for us this year BC of all the rain we've had. It just rinses away.
This may sound wacky, but I'm thinking of creating one or two feeding areas just outside my backyard that's nestled against the woods. I'm thinking if the deer feed on Deer Chow or something like it, they'll be too full to snack in my garden beds.
Anyone have any thoughts? The only thing holding me back is wondering how many more deer this may or may not attract.

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