Yellowing leaves

Nic1December 18, 2012

Hey everyone! I haven't checked in in a while but I just went through a bunch of posts and it's great seeing all of our trees!

An quick update on my tree is it has sent out a lot of new growth and some blooms! Booyah! However I think the consequence is a large amount of nutrients are being put into that and so now I have a suspected deficiency of one nutrient. I've been using for fertilizer miracle grow, epsom salts, and gypsum. I'm strongly considering ordering some of that dyna-grow foliage pro. Anyways the leaves have been turning a bit yellow. The yellow first appeared at the tips of the leaves, then appears in spots farther in on the leaf. I am watering only about once a week and fertilize every other time, as directions say once every two weeks. For my soil I am using 4 parts bark, 1 perlite, and 1 part regular potting soil.

If anyone needs more information just ask, and thanks for the help ahead of time!

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I'm not sure how to post multiple pictures to one post so here's some of my new growth, which looks perfectly healthy.

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And here are my blooms =) they're starting to smell just the tiniest bit but the smell is fantastic! It's really great coming in from the snow and the cold to have a nice green, good smelling tree!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

The first thing I'd try is cutting the fertilizer dose in half, and then fertilizing twice
as often (half-strength, once a week). I assume you've been fertilizing at full-strength?

How much light is the plant now receiving? A reduction in light will often mean that the plant
simply isn't able to support as many leaves.


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Josh, I have been fertilizing at full-strength. I'll start to do that fertilizing at half strength, twice as often. Is that suggestion just so it's a more constant supply of nutrients rather than longer periods inbetween spikes of nutrients?

As a Wisconsin grower I need some grow lights, and so I've actually been leaving those on the same amount of time as I did when I got the tree this fall. It gets quite a bit less direct sunlight through the window though so that may be the case.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Indeed, a more consistent stream of nutrients, yet at a reduced rate.
This should also help to keep the mix flushed.

Some leaf-loss is inevitable without supplemental lighting. Your tree looks healthy
overall, and blooming :-)


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Without even reading anything you wrote Nic, I would have guessed what Josh said and given you the same advice. Leaves without words tell us a lot, right?

Good luck with it:-)

Josh, great job:-)


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tomatodog(zone 10 So. FL.)

Which ratio of Foliage pro works the best? I see a few types. 9-3-6 ?

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TomatoDog, yes on 9-3-6

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tomatodog(zone 10 So. FL.)

Thank you mandarin1 .

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9-3-6; 3-1-2,,, For my field Meyers I use 18-6-12 with 2% MG and CA and 1% FE and ZN.... a shot of chelated minerals in July as an insurance policy.

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@ Mandarin, what is the ratio of FP that you use? How old are your trees? Do you use the same ration throughout the year? What type of mix do you prefer? How close of an eye do you keep on your ph?

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