Been a disheartening Couple of months

organic_kitten(8)February 3, 2014

Seems I have torn my rotator cuff, and thus am having issues...of the 500 tulip bulbs I had ordered, I planted about half and gave my daughter a hundred....some will just be pitched.

An armadillo got into my daylily garden and made huge holes in the new area...I probably have lost some treasures, but won't know til spring. Then , we had some very unusual weather with uncharcteristic cold here, and the window of the greenhouse blew out, and the heater quit working at the same time. The coffee plants I have been babying for 6 years died, as did my beautiful stephanotis vine that was three inches tall when I got it, and now was at least 20 feet long and wound around the top of the greenhouse. They were all totally frozen and dead as could be. At least I didn't lose the French import roses, the three little daylily prolifs that are growing in pots, and an enormous agave plant...that really surprised me, but it wan;t hurt at all.

All in the life of a gardener, I know, but it is still annoying...and I am quite limited with the shoulder right now, so the holes remain.

I may have surgery, but as currently having PT.


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shive(6b TN)

So sorry to hear about your shoulder issues and the greenhouse troubles. I hope the PT will help your shoulder. I had a similar injury a couple of years ago, so I know the pain it causes and the lack of mobility. Hopefuly the armadillos didn't cause too much damage in your daylily bed.


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gmatx zone 6

Kay, I can certainly empathize on the rotator cuff situation. Had problems with my right one back in 2009 while I was still working as a RN. Major tendonitis along with the pain in the was horrible. The PT helped tremendously, so hang in there!

Aren't those armadillos infuriating? Use to have to dodge them on the way home down in south Texas. Here we have the pocket gophers instead. If someone had filmed me digging the tunnel up of one of them that had made it into the flower bed and then flushing it out with water and flinging it out in the yard when it tried to tunnel further back, I could have sold it as a comedy film....LOL

Best of luck with the shoulder, ghse and daylilies.

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Maryl zone 7a

Kay: I'm so sorry to hear about your injury and bad luck with the garden plants. Reminds me of the refrain on the song: " If I had no bad luck I'd have no luck at all". Best wishes to you.......Maryl

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Sorry to hear about all your troubles, Kay. I had a broken shoulder and torn rotator cuff a few years ago, so I know how painful everyday tasks can become. A couple tips, in case you haven't already tried them: the pulley you can hang over any door really helped me a lot. Your good arm does all the work to loosen up the bad shoulder, and it worked wonders for me. If sleeping is an issue, I used a pillow to prop my bad arm and was able to get more comfortable that way.

Keep us posted, and feel better soon!


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

oh no! I was so glad when we moved from Florida to Tennessee and didn't have to deal with armadillos vandalizing my flower beds anymore! ...but I forgot about the deer...rabbits...groundhogs....etc etc. I love wildlife, but I don't want it ruining things either :(


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Julia NY(6)

Goodness, you have had a lot to deal with. Seems like rotator cuff injuries are common among gardeners with myself included. I opted for the PT as I was told a complete tear needed surgery and mine did not tear all the way through. It took several months of PT to get the arm/shoulder to lift all the way up again.

If you lost daylily plants and there is any I have that you would like, let me know and I'll send double fans to you. I have to do dividing and relocating of plants this spring so not sure how much of a bloom season I will have once I start digging and dividing plants. I'm sure it will cut back on the number of blooms but it has to get done.

Take care of yourself.

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Nancy zone 6

I hope PT works, so sorry to hear all these things happening to you. Doesn't it seem like bad things go in waves? Hopefully, your daylilies will survive. I've never dealt with armadillos , ain't complainin' either. Good luck Kay, I hope things get better fast.

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Cindy zone 6a

Hope you heal quickly so you can track down those armadillos!! They must be certainly worse than the moles I deal with. Stay warm and take care.

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Thanks you all for the warm wishes. The PT Monday left me discouragingly sore, but I have been through Pt for a couple of other areas. I have noticed that shoulder injuries are the most frequent problem there, at least at this time. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I need to find some garden hep for now. The next warm day will tell the tale (if we ever get one.) Gmatx, pride goeth before a fall according to the Bible, and I was really proud of how well I could move large patients when I was a nurse. Then got heavily into gardening, like Debra, Chris and Julia, I added to the strain. If I would behave better, I would have less trouble. Good to see you posting, Cindy. I miss your lovely photos.

I chose to try to see it as the vagaries of gardening, Maryl. Maybe I had a lot of bad things at once and it will be a good year. First time I ever had to deal with the armadillo ngraham...and hope it's the last. Tammy, it is the most and worse damage of any varmint in my garden, even the hated voles.

Chris, a broken shoulder would be bad on its own. with a rotator cuff, I can't even imagine. Well, I'll let you know how everything goes.

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For those of you plagued by Armadillos, there is hope. Some people have good luck using Armadillo repellents. We have successfully used a product called Shake-Away to keep the Raccoons from digging up newly planted plants, and the company has a product designed for other pesky critters as well - including deer, armadillos, etc.

They are granules made from the urine of predators, and the pests recognize the scent and stay away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Armadillo Repellent

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