plants/grasses for sloping yard to absorb water

zeak(6b)April 10, 2014

Hi. My front yard has a moderate sloping hill (pretty full sun) that takes on a lot of water runoff from the house. The flat yard at the bottom gets soaked and stays moist forever. Right now this area is mainly mulch and a few small plants from the prior owners. I'm looking for any suggestions of plants or grasses that are thirsty and can soak up the runoff. I'm hoping for something attractive and interesting like chunky ornamental grasses but colorful plants would be great too. Thanks.

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Not sure if enough plants will soak it up to make it dry, but as long as it is no threat to your house foundation or other building structure foundation, possibly you could turn it into a boggy or moisture-loving plant site.

Throw in some carnivorous plants also!

Otherwise, compost added there could help with some of the moisture by changing the composition of the soil, but it will take time.

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This was my solution to a similar problem. The grade in the front of our house was impossible to deal with. Grass seed washed away; what little did grow was hard to mow as pushing a mower was exhausting.

We're deep in the Missouri Ozarks.

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@pomonaflower, looks great!

Did you alter the ground composition in any way or do you mean you just started to landscape it with different plants instead of depending on it to be a grassy area?

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We hauled in about two dump truck loads of soil as our hill was nothing but stone and clay as is most of our three acres. The rocks came from the Spring River. I got really lucky as the landscaper I hired had built a house on the Spring and they had to dig up lots and lots of rock. When I showed her my drawing of what I wanted, you could see the light bulb turn on - she said I have the perfect thing in my YARD!! I love this so much as I'm in my 70s, and I can sit on one layer of rocks and work between my feet in the beds below.

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Here's a "before" picture. It looks like nice grass from this distance and angle but trust me - it was sparse.

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And this is the work in progress...

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elysianfields(9b CA)

Reeds work well in water soggy landscapes. There are different heights and the clumps add texture. They are used in runoff gardens along the streets here. Adding the rocks is genius, it is a great accent to your house and landscaping.

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Ferns, Marsh Marigold, Springback Clover, (Trifolium wormskioldi),

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