Do Your Dorstenia...

bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MIDecember 25, 2013

Do your Dorstenia look like mine... that is all leafed out and sending out new hypanthia? The reason I ask is thought they went dormant in winter and dropped their leaves. Are mine going to surprise me one day and be dead because of my watering? I have continued to water, not as much. I have one that dropped leaves so I backed off too much and it began to shrivel. Kicked up the water and it seems to be doing much better. So what to make of all of this... your thoughts, please?????

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They dont know where they're from and they dont have a memory either
To mean: Not always do the rules of thumb appply they dont all or always have to grow the "exact" same way it's native mother did every year in different cultivating areas
I dont think there is to much to worry because yours aren't doing what the native aren't doing what the native growing Dorstenia is doing.
Look at the bright side your inside condidtions are different and maybe more ideal than the native growing areas.
Yes, unfortunatly they could surprise you one day while being overwatered during a sudden dormant time (being deader lookng than you may want) The growth to doramat stage for some of them can be faster than others.

Nice Dorstenia collection as well.

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I keep saying to myself, get some Dorstenia but haven't yet even after see this one at Tropiflora nursery a few years back. They can make beautiful plants.

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