How's your fence? (Electric vs. non-electric for deer)

cedarberry(z6RI)April 29, 2004

Hi all, I need to fence a 1-acre field for my mixed vegetables. What are your experiences with your fences, especially related to white-tailed deer? I am debating between non-electric (8' black plastic mesh) and electric, but think I'd prefer electric (it seems as though it is more effective). How tall is your electric fence? Is it 3D (two fences side by side)? Does it exclude raccoons, rabbits, and/or woodchucks? Other points of consideration with electric are: posts (how's fiberglass for strength and longevity?), solar vs. standard power, etc.

I would like to hear about what has and has not worked for you.

By the way, the deer presence here in RI is heavy.

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giboosi_alttara(z6 CT)

Heavy, maybe, but I doubt you could beat the deer load in Fairfield Co. CT!

I have an 8' heavy duty mesh fence. Not the thin wimpy stuff. I've had trees fall on it, the trees cut and removed, and the fence pretty much springs back into place. Maybe a bit of tightening of the top lead, but that's it.

Now, some small creature has gotten it, by cutting away small sections along the bottom, but it's easy enough to repair with the hog ringer.

I should note that the fence is attached to trees wherever possible (makes it less visible) and is staked all along the bottom. Before the bottom was staked, the deer did wiggle under. So, technically the fence is about 7.5' tall, since there's the 6" or so staking allowance at the bottom. I was a bit concerned they'd be able to jump it with a heavy snow crust and a lot of snow, but they did not. I think, after awhile, they just gave up on the area.

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