The wireless deer fence really works :)

BobaFett_73(Z4/SD)April 5, 2005

I have been so sick of the deer, especially after they damanged two of my apple trees. I have been doing a lot of research and have pondered whether to go with the spray that you have to reapply every two weeks to a month.

I didn't want to be doing that having a sprinkler system that would probably wash the stuff right away. I knew that wouldn't work, so now what? I found out about the wireless deer fence and there are a couple of them online.

I happened to come across WWW.WIRELESSDEERFENCE.COM and I decided to give it a try. It cosists of three posts with a lure that is suppost to attract the deer to the post if they are near.

Well all I can say is that maybe it doesn't work for everyone, but after placing them in the ground and watching one of the deer approach it and get shocked it was entertainment for me. I think it's well worth it and if you think the shock isn't going to hurt, well it does.

When I first received the posts I was letting them charge for one hour which it recommends. After accidently touching it I about jumped because it hurt. It's a little worse than a 9 volt battery and just think of how it feels to a deer who knows nothing about electricity. It will scare it to death and hopefully they do not return but it's something I can use year round as long as the snow doesn't get too close.

What's nice about it is that if you touch it, it just recharges again. Each post takes two AA batteries and it should last for about a year, you have to replace the lures every month, but there's a small glass jar that holds about a years worth in there.

The nice thing about this repellent is that it really works!

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Do you really need the lures after they been "trained"? Deer are so habit oriented, I'd think just the sight of the posts would do it. Maybe use the lure off and on?

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