branches and sticks everywhere

schoolhouse_gwFebruary 19, 2012

I don't know what it was about this winter (yeah, I know, not over yet!) but my garden, both front and back yards, and orchard are littered with small dead branches and sticks. I try to keep the ones in the front yard picked up. The privet arch is a mess. So much dead growth not only littering the floor but inside the hedge itself. Is this the last year for my beloved privet arch? I say that every Spring but it sure looks beleaguered. I suppose after 30yrs. it's bound to be. Then again, new growth is always there so all I have to do is wait another 25yrs to see it all green and arched again!

Maybe it's a sign of poor or the lack of pruning of all my old trees and shrubs. At least the daffs are coming full force and there are lots of buds on the flowering shrubs.

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I think it will all be ok. It's just the circle of life. In a very new garden, the growth is thin and flexible. In a more mature garden, there will be twigs and branches that fall or snap. Have you read about hugelkultur (sp?) they are talking about it on the soil/compost forum. It's a way to use your fallen branches and twigs. Very interesting. I bet once you prune and shape your privet, it will respond beautifully. Thank goodness for the daffodils I say!

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