Browning of leaves: Euphorbia leuconeura (Madagascar Jewel)

DiggaDangDecember 6, 2012

I have a Madagascar Jewel for about 7 months as an indoor plant. The problem it has is that on some of its leaves it have some browning or reddish tinting along the edges of its leaves. It worries me because it should look pretty green overall. While the newer leaves feel rubbery and thick upon touch, the older leaves feel crisp, waxy and smooth to touch.

After 3 months of stable growth in Miracle Gro (1 branch propagating out on each side of the stem in succession), I transferred it into a bigger pot with the same soil, and surprisingly it started shooting leaves in all directions; all extremely healthy and green during the summer. In November I began noticing the symptoms. I suspected that it could be too much nitrogen to begin with (with all the growth it had from the transfer, I didn't think it was a problem initially).

I added 1/4 strength of fertilizer to see if it improved over the following week, but it didn't. I flushed out the pot with 2 gallons of water to see if it is water deprived and to remove the excess salts, but not much had changed that following week. I moved it to the cubicle and given it flourescent light 24/7 with a weekly watering to check for too much sun exposure. The last thing to do would be to check the roots for damage. With all of these avenues to choose from, I was hoping to see if others had solved the problem.


Conditions: Water every other day with tap water or as needed (checking for soil dampness 1-2 inches deep), eastern glass window receiving direct light from 10a-5p.

Pot--Black plastic container (1 QT)
Soil-- Miracle Gro Potting Mix (N/P/K = 21/7/14)
Fertilizer--Shultz Cactus Plus liquid (2/7/7), used at 1/4 strength.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I grow these in much less light. I usually have no less than a dozen seedlings and half as many mature plants: they reproduce like rabbits! While this is one Euphorbia that can handle more water than most others in this genus, unless it is drying out pretty fast, every other day watering seems a bit much. You'll know when it needs water because the leaves will droop. Also, the color on the leaves is from sun exposure. It is normal for the leaves of this plant to look like yours with 8 hours of direct sunlight. Most of mine are under the benches and not out in sunlight and are deep green. I'm surprised that a mature plant like yours doesn't appear to have any flowers.

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