gardening on a slope

luvarosie(7)May 31, 2010

I am at this point questioning my ever planning a perennial bed along a chain link fence, southern exposure, and on a slope. I have already completed the laborious job of taking out the grass. Last year I planted 1 rambler rose and 1 climbing rose to cover chain link fence. There are 3 mature crape myrtle trees also in the bed. I have placed plastic edging along the fence at the base to keep down bermuda grass runners from creeping in, but the big question weed mat or not to weed mat. Also what type of mulch is best on a slope? I saw a TV show that mentioned pine straw as being the best for a slope. Before I go out and buy anything I thought I would find out what kind of success people have had with this type of perennial bed.

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I've got a couple slopes, and we live in an area that sometimes gets very heavy rains. All the mulch I've tried has washed away. Landscape fabric didn't help much - it just made a slicker surface for the mulch to slide down on.
I'm currently using rocks & waiting for ground-covers to fill-in. But in the meantime, I'm getting alot of dirt erosion. I'm almost ready to give up, and go buy a jeep load of sod...
In one area, I hired a local company to install landscape timbers to tier the slope, so the individual planting areas are flat. I'm not thrilled with the look, but using landscape blocks was too expensive, and I needed something fast.
I would also appreciate other gardeners ideas.

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renataka(Bay Area CA)

Have you considered building swales to slow down the water sheeting down your hillside? It'd be a lot of digging but it might be worthwhile.
I'd also send email to Peaceful Valley Farm Supply here in California (east of San Francisco).
You probably have a similar store in your neck of the woods. They sell rolls of jute netting and burlap for short term, and then you can scatter some sort of perennial groundcover that can hold down the dirt.

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