Too Much Too Soon?

fresh333December 26, 2012

Hello all, I have been an avid reader of the forums, and enjoy and appreciate all of the info supplied here, but until now have not posted.
I have a Meyer Lemon that my wife got me a year ago, and has been doing fine in MG potting soil. Being in N.VT (Z3), I brought it in for the winter and noticed that it has been pretty moist for about a month or so. After soaking up everything about Gritty and 5-1-1, I had decided to repot into some gritty and get a good feeding/watering regimen going.
I left on a business trip and when I came back, I had a serious spider mite problem, and my tree had dropped about half of the leaves. I sprayed and wiped all of the leaves, branches, etc. and have been checking on it for the last couple of days. So far everything seems to be fine. My question is, am I still ok to repot into gritty, or will the repot in conjunction with the spider mites be too much stress for the tree? Should I wait a while? I def. do not want to lose it. Thanks.

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Oh..I would definitely wait, unless of course the mix kills the plant shortly afterwards staying moist that long if you're new at this.

What concerns me is the fact the soil is still moist after a month that it is in.

Have you ever tried growing a citrus through the winter and come out the other side with a healthy plant with that type of mix?

Happy snow day by the way if you like that sort of hope you are a skier or snow boarder


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Thanks Mike, No, I have only had this plant since march or so. The soil isn't dripping wet or anything, just slightly moist to the touch. It has stayed healthy up until the mites, I even had some blooms right before the mites. I am going to try the wick Idea to try and get some of the excess moisture out. Other than that, what is a sign that I could look for to know that it would be safe to repot? Should I do a shot of some sort of fert? Or just let it recover on its own? Thanks.

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I wouldn't fertilize at this time since the plant is stressed. I would wait until you sees signs of improvement or fertilize VERY lightly.

What I would do is just as you thought with the wick. Good thinking by the way.
Use a wick and let the wick pull the moisture out of your pot faster than it has been, helping it to dry out faster, by setting your pot in something so that the wick hangs.

If you are growing in plastic, it is farely easy to judge when to water.
If in a clay pot, I would use a wooden dowel of some sort and wait until it comes out farely dry after pushing it into the root zone to get you through to the repot.

I find that my trees are at their peek right about the middle of May to June. If it were my tree, I would hold off until then when the tree shows remarkable signs of improvement and growth.

Good luck and if you need anymore help, feel free to ask us.


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How the spider mite looks like if citrus tree drops leave is it because of that thing. What kind of spray is copper good.

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