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lmich9May 4, 2014

I posted a whole long message but I think it was lost. Sorry if this is a dup.

We removed an overgrown shrub from our north facing foundation bed and don't know what to put in its place. It doesn't get a lot of sun and there is a large maple about50' from the house that competes for water. Right now we have azalea and rhododendron. The yews blocking the entry will eventually be ripped out and replaced with something lower.

I'm torn between more rhododendron (maybe 2) or do I do something different like a Japanese maple or conical dwarf evergreen?? Link is to album of house.

Here is a link that might be useful: House pics

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Does it have to be a shrub or tree? I was thinking that some of the groundcovers, like a low growing sedum that doesn't need mowing, might look beautiful and compete less for nutrients with the maple. Thymes (lemon thyme comes in a nice variegated form) would do OK in shade too, and contrast with the lawn nicely.

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What about a Diablo Ninebark or Holly? Maybe a lilac?

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