Meyer lemon dropping flowers, no lemons

tillygrowerDecember 9, 2012

I have a 2-ft tall Meyer lemon tree that I got last spring, potted in a clay pot with gritty mix. Last summer, it got a flush of flowers, but they all fell off, leaving no lemons. When I brought my tree in this fall, it produced a full crop of flowers, but they are all falling off, leaving no lemons behind. Other than that, the plant seems to be happy. It's in a sunny room, and no leaf drop since bringing it indoors! I'm fertilizing with FP at 1/4 tsp/gal. What did I do wrong?

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Probably nothing. Can you post a photo? Sometimes immature Meyers will produce flowers lacking the typical purple base of the bloom; normally it is just a case of immaturity of the tree, as flowers without the purple base rarely set fruit. Have faith and patience.

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