OT - Windows 8.1 - A learning experience

Julia NY(6)February 14, 2014

I finally upgraded the operating system on my computer since XP will no longer be supported after April. I kept procrastinating to do it and finally got it done last week but trying to navigate the new windows is both fun and frustrating.
I got my Plantstep program reloaded and working and today, I finally learned how to import my Bookmarks so I wouldn't have to type in everything all over again. Phewwww, what a time saver.

Still have to figure out the picture loading part from my camera and Ipad to Faststone on my PC and then upload to Photobucket. I hope I can master this part as well. I think I need to invest in the Windows 8 For Dummies book...if there is such a book LOL.

Still working on how to shutoff all the ads but I think I'm missing Ad Blocking so need to get that installed too.


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Maryl zone 7a

You have more nerve then I do. I also was forced to upgrade from the wonderful XP this week. After seeing 8.1 I was aghast at how far removed it was from my XP experience. I don't do any outside gadgets, don't even know how to take a picture on my cell phone, so this touchy feeley thing is way out of my league. I located a new computer with Windows 7 available in it, hired a guy to hook it up and am cussing my way through 7 now. I lost my old (but loved and user friendly) photo processing program to boot. Will have to deal with that when picture taking season is upon me....Julia, it sounds like you had at least had enough experience with the touchy gadgets to not be shocked by no mouse (LOL). Here's to all of we non-techy types trying to keep up with the ever changing (and expensive) new technology........Maryl

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Oh wow -- yeah I can see how going from XP to 8 would be a big shock. We have 8 on a laptop, and I still haven't figured out how many things work (we only use it to stream music at bedtime most of the time). If you don't have a phone or tablet with touch icons, Windows 8 is just plain weird. At least 7 looks like XP for the most part.

Good luck!


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Julia NY(6)

I figured if I have to upgrade, might as well get the latest version. Most of the applications I have run on Windows and if I ever thought to spring for a MAC, I'd have to install windows on it to get the applications to run. Not worth the hassle or cost. I don't know what I did last night but one of the web pages I was viewing went to very small fonts. LOL. Finally figured out how to get the web page back to a larger size.
Yes, going from XP to Win 8.1 is like going from a compact car to a full size car.
I was able to get into Photobucket and view my albums. Still need to do a practice of posting to the forum.

Now I need to take some photos with the camera and load it to FastStone and then upload to Photobucket but not today. Today is a day of rest :-).


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Maryl zone 7a

Oh yeh, the font size. I have AOL and the font size has shrunk to bottom row eye chart size. My Picture Trails bar to move the photos up and down has disappeared too. And that's moving from XP to Windows 7! I can't imagine what 8 would have done to me.......I hear Windows 9 is due out this year or next. Microsoft seems to be coming up with new ideas every year or two,which in turn calls for dropping support for the "old" systems...............Maryl

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I think their "new ideas" are that it's more profitable to release entire new versions that people have to buy than to release updates to existing versions that people can download for free. :D


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Maryl zone 7a

Nate: I couldn't agree with you more.....I called AOL today with some of my problems and was so pleased that they fixed both of them up without any problems. AOL now has United States customer support (with English as the first language). How wonderful is that just in itself?............Maryl

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