c1nicolei(7)May 9, 2014

What is a plant that can tolerate LOTS of dog urine? I have tried several grasses that have fallen to the constant Yellow rain. The idea of training my dogs to go in a certain area is not going to happen as I have foster dogs that come and go. I am lucky to not have diggers, but they love to pee on the plants that line the driveway. Looking for something preferably that is fast growing, creating privacy and will not be too messy or drop leaves as it is near a pool. THANKS!

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Grasses? Shrubs? Am confused about what you are looking for. If shrubs, I can tell you that I went through a similar situation. Had a wonderful rescued Rottweiler that consistently marked certain plants causing an unsightly mess. I researched a bit and learned that salt tolerance may be the key - or at least helpful.

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Put up a privacy fence. Also, ... this link should be helpful.

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