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Hi everyone.

It's been quite sometime since I have been on here. The reason I have come today is to ask what will happen If I do this...

So I originally planted a 15 gal. Meyer lemon tree on the side of my house, but I was new to planting and I dug a hole in the ground and the dirt around my pit is at a higher elevation then where the plant goes into the ground. I made my original hole or area where I planted the tree only about 2 feet squared. So I decided last week to start digging everything out to make it level with the original height of my planting, as I was doing this the feeder roots have grown closer to the top of the soil. This plant has been in the ground since last spring, so the roots have grown quite a bit. If I continue to level the ground out, a lot of those roots are going to be lost and I'm not sure what it will do to my tree, so any tips would be appreciated.

Pictures will be coming soon, my computer at work will not let me upload them. I will add pictures as soon as I get home.

Thanks, Jon

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Inground to inground same day is not too distressful for the tree; just be careful to save as many roots as possible and if you can lift the tree straight up to the new level, you might save the tap root, which generally grows straight down from the center of the trunk. When you are finished, only give it water for about 2 weeks; the absence of fertilizer will encourage new roots to grow looking for food. After a cupla weeks you can give it a half strength fertilizing at the dripline; and you should be okay.

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John, sounds more like Jon is simply carving away at the soil around and under the tree?? Which is now where the tree's feeder roots have grown out to? Not adjusting the entire tree and rootball in the original hole? Jon, you have to be very careful not to disturb or damage the feeder roots. You can do some significant harm to your tree. Let's see photos so we can better understand what you're trying to do.

Patty S.

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