What to Plant with Siloam Sugar Time

prairiegirlz5February 5, 2012

It looks like people here answer the posts the same year as they're made, so I'm going to take a shot and ask you kind folks to help me out.

I thought I had identified the short, somewhat fragrant, smaller-flowered daylily I inherited from the previous homeowners as Black-eyed Stella. Come to find out, it's probably Siloam Sugar Time, thanks to Home Depot, who had some in this past year. I love this plant! It has sturdy, apricot-colored blooms with a burgundy eye zone and a greenish throat. I usually prefer brighter colored blooms.

I have orange coneflower, Blue Fortune agastache, calamintha, lady's mantle, purple sedum and plan to add Blue Paradise phlox and Royal Sunset lilies to this one area of the garden. Do you have any other suggestions that would help me show off this pale colored daylily? I was thinking a blue flower like echinops or eryngium??

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I love blue flowers and agree that it would look nice with your daylily. Here is a similar combo - balloon flowers (platycodon) planted with SILOAM SHOCKER -


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I do love this combo. The balloon flower is a much better "true blue" than I thought possible. I have noted that the pink plant is a zinnia~Thanks again katlynnlily!:0)

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"I just got my new issue of Garden Gate magazine, and on the back cover they pair Apricot Beauty tulip with woodland phlox and Gold Coast juniper. I found a phlox called Clouds of Perfume that needs part shade, humus rich soil that matches the color shown. The effect was vibrant and fresh.
That pairing inspired me to think about planting lady's mantle (alchemilla mollis) with my apricot colored daylily and maybe ageratum, as I have more sun and the daylily blooms later in summer. The apricot shade is too pretty to pass up, but I also have found it hard to combine."

I posted this in the Bulbs forum. Strangely, it was encouraging to read that others struggled to make the most of this color in the garden. I really like the idea of adding something with vibrant pink flowers to complement the burgundy eye zone. I can't wait until summer to try it!

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