Deer fencing bought on line?

burry(7 Maryland)May 9, 2011

I have finally had it with the deer eating my garden so I plan to do a deer fence around it. I could use any advice you can give. I looked at Home Depot for the green poultry fence - 5 feet, but they were out. Since then I have found some deer fencing kits online. There is one at Benner's that is $280 for the 100 feet that I need - -a heavy duty fencing. This particular garden is next to my house and I don't think the deer will jump even a short fence which was why I considered the 5 feet wire fence.

Have any of you used an online deer fencing -- Benner's or any other? What do you recommend for my situation.

Thanks so much.

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Not trying to discourage you, but I have deer problems as well and the deer do not hesitate to jump over my 4 foot fence and I don't think that a five foot fence would be very effective at keeping the deer out. Everything that I have read about fencing suggests an 8 foot fence to keep out deer.


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Liquid Fence

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wertach zone 7-B SC

If you have a Tractor Supply store near you it would be a lot less expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: tractor supply

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Hello I have built my own deer fence recently, after many years of deer damage I had enough. I bought a kit from They recommended at least 7.5' tall so that it what I bought. The material I ordered was much stronger than the material I could find locally and I am very happy with the results. My wife and I put it up in an afternoon. It is so nice to have a garden again, there is nothing worse than putting all my time into growing vegetables just to feed the deer.

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