evergreen bush near black walnut

lisaloo(MA z6)May 3, 2006


Anyone know of any evergreens that will do well near a black walnut? I'd prefer broad leaf to conifer/needles, but would be fine with either. I saw holly on one of the lists out there, but not on any others -- anyone have any experience with hollies near BW? I know its a conifer, but how about dwarf alberta spruce?



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Shrubs and trees tolerant of juglone: red cedar; elm; winged euonymus; forsythia; hawthorn; hemlock; hickories; black locust; most maples; oaks; autumn olive; pachysandra; pawpaw; persimmon; wild rose; sycamore; most viburnums; Virginia creeper.

Herbaceous plants tolerant of Juglone: bluebells; Kentucky bluegrass; daffodil; daylily; ferns; fescue; iris; Jack-in-the-pulpit; liriope; narcissus; phlox; poison ivy; Shasta daisy; trillium.

I copied the lists from this website.

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jayco(5b NY)

I don't know about hollies, nor about dwarf Alberta spruce, in particular, however, I have Norway and Colorado blue spruces that have not done well in close proximity to black walnuts.

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I have seen the American Holly listed as tolerant. It is not readily available at my local nurseries. Mostly English hollies.
The yew, hemlock, arborvite, red cedar are the only other evergreens I can think of that are on the tolerant lists. I am surrounded by about 10 BW trees and can tell you that all of the above do well. As ground covers, english ivy, pachasandra, lirope will tolerate the poisen and some hydrangea (macrophelia) and hydrangea aboracens will tolerate the BW. I also have these. Not all the big leafed hydrangea will grow. I have one that I just potted up because it was dying. It was a lace cap hydrangea.

Good luck.
Barbara aka Hawkeye Belle

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If you're looking for something smaller, I've got Itea / Sweetspire quite close to a BW. Tho not considered evergreen, it does keep it's leaves into winter (or at least half of it's leaves) and the winter leaves are reddish. And most important - the Iteas haven't died yet!

This fall I'm replacing 2 dead Yews w/ Ilex x meserveae (I thought I was a good distance away from the BW, but I guess I wasn't) and a volunteer at Morton Arboretum said these Hollies should be tolerant.

I'm taking a chance on Cryptomeria and Chamaecyparis 'Filicoides'- couldn't find tolerant info on these, so ...

At our old house Arborvitea seemed very tolerant, as if juglone was a vitamin...

Mountain Laurel should be on intolerant lists. Had one near BW - after 15 years in good acid dirt it maybe grew 1 inch & never a bloom. Transplanted it to mom's yard & it's growing great.

Good Luck!

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Sorry to bring this thread back, but since its a new growing season and I have some experience with both conifers and black walnuts I thought I'd chime in. In my city lot, neighbors to the north and south of me have black walnuts. Beautiful trees but they have no place in the urban landscape. On the north end of one tree's dripline I am growing Alberta spruce, Pinus densiflora 'Little Christopher', and Pinus cembra 'Blue Mound' all with no adverse effects. Deeper under the dripline are Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Tortuosa', Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Cripsii'(both are Hinoki false cypresses), Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Boulevard', Chamaecyparis pis. 'Golden Mop' and of course, hemlocks. All of these plants have been there for 6-9 years and appear fine. Also deep in the dripline is a bottlebrush buckeye and on the edge are serviceberries. Did I just get lucky? I dunno, but these plants have worked for me.


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Evergreens that have worked for me near my very mature BWs: hollies (I believe the variety is blue girl/boy), euonymus (at least they would if the deer would stop eating them), oregon grape (growth seems a bit slow, but they are growing), and boxwood. In fact, I think I have decided that boxwood are the almost perfect shrub--evergreen, deer-resistant, BW resistant, lovely shades of green, beautiful growth habit, good size for foundation planting . . . I just wish they grew faster.

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Sorry to bring back this thread, but I was wondering if anyone has knowledge about Pinus contorta and Pinus banksiana tolerance to juglone...

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