Acidic Soil under Shady Pine Tree

heldt123(Minnesota)May 22, 2004

Does anyone have any ideas for any types of plants that I can grow under a large, shady pine tree? I have a rock garden under it right now and most everything I plant ends up stunted or deformed. I have even added lime but I think that the pine needles keep the soil acidic all the time. The soil is sandy and I have added compost and organic fertilizer, but the only things that do well are the weeds.

I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Under the pine tree in my front yard I have perennials- lily of the valley, 4 different hostas, columbines, bleeding heart, violets, ferns Annuals- tuberous begonias, and impatients. I am in a zone 5 and these things are doing great.

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Hosta is my favorite. You can try some ground covers: Lamium, vinca. If planting under trees--provide plenty of water.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I think it may be more water that's needed if you have added compost and some lime...

I have my huge pine limbed up a ways to let in more light and lots of things are doing well there with drip irrigation hoses.

Sedum, both tall and groundcovering varieties, campanulas, obedient plant, epimedium, euphorbia, japanese anemone, monkshood, achillea 'the pearl', foxglove, evening primrose, ferns, gallium - Try the things that may be too agressive in other areas of your garden.

On the shadier side of my pine, hardy geranium nodosum Svelte Lilac looks great Spring through Fall...thrives in dry shade, stays fresh and bright...those flowers just make you smile time after time. Clematis montana Marjorie is making a beautiful showing after several years; it's a good 20' + up into the tree, covered in blooms the entire month of May.

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sunburygirl(z5 OH)

Why not take advantage of the acidic soil and put in plants that like acid. Winterberries, Itea, Rhodies... that type of plant.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

Lingonberries love acidic soil and make a beautiful ground cover. Vinca and violets grow under my gorgeous white pine tree.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Siberian aster

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

creepy charlie grows really great under my pine tree ;-)

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Any ideas for plants in zone 2A that will thrive in acidic soil under shady pine trees?

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I plant mock oranges under my spruce trees and they are awesome - in full bloom right now. They are so close the branches are touching. Just make sure you water in very well the first couple of years, now it's only about once a month if I remember.

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I have pine trees along the back of my lot to the east. After cutting down the weeds, I plan on tilling 3 to 4 times, adding gypsum he final time. Then I want to plant 4 o'clocks. An problem with this The will get the afternoon sun from the west.

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dominoswrath(5 WI)

Vinca minor is a no maintenance plant once it's established. But it has to be contained.

Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge) is not only successful but thrives under pines. And, whats nice to boot is that it's evergreen. Does well for me in full sun to full shade. A plastic border should contain it well, otherwise, roots are shallow and easy enough to pull out any strays. Likes acid soil. Plant 8" apart and it will fill in to form a nice carpet in a few years.

Vinca takes longer to establish, but is pretty much foolproof. You can even walk on it. I use vinca under my maple tree. My first choice would be pachysandra for the pines.

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I'm planning on trying Lingonberry under a row of white pines in my yard. I just ordered 6 lingonberry plants. From watching the ground below the trees I know that I won't have an issue with enough sunlight. What problems do I face? Please help talk me into or out of this.

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