Can deer sense invisible fences?

mike_in_kc(4)May 2, 2005

This may sound nuts, but we installed an invisible fence around our back yard after getting a new puppy last Fall. We live in the country, surrounded by deep woods and fields dotted with numerous trees. With all the trees, our yard is not square or rectangular and traditional fencing was not practical.

Now the point of this post-- There is a small water feature at the corner of the yard adjacent to the woods. My wife planted hostas around it a few years ago and always had to spray them with pepper spray to keep the deer from having them for lunch. Since we put the invisible fence in, however, the deer haven't touched them. Can deer sense the low voltage current in the buried wire ... or is this just a coincidence?

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arden_sqftr(z6 WV)

Hi Mike,
A few coworkers and I were discussing your post. We couldn't help but wonder - could it be the deer are sensing the DOG, not the fence.
-Bored at work. ;)

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Well, one would normally think dogs would be the primary deterrant, but the dog is behind the invisible fence (she won't come anywhere near the buried line) and we've had her and one other dog for the last seven years. Go figure!!

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