OT Signs Of Spring

avedon_gwFebruary 25, 2013

There are a few things blooming here now, and more to come as spring is now less than a month away. Thought a few pictures of flowers might brighten someone's day. Avedon

First is a surprise--Blooms already showing on Red Ruffles azalea.

This is a double narcissus which is a surprise to me, for I didn't think doubles would do well here. I have no idea of the name, all the narcissus were on the property when we moved here and they are those that are adapted to the south. Also, these will reseed and they can grow in tough places.

You can see what I mean by tough places. These flowers are pretty much growing on the rocky land on the east side of our property.

This is a closeup of the double narcissus

I believe this is the narcissus "The Pearl".. It is a tazetta type, multiple blooms on each stem.

Very closeup of the double narcissus

Snow Drop Clump--these came from an old abandoned farmstead.

This is our huge lovely winter honeysuckle in full bloom. It is always abuzz with lots of honey bees. The fragrance is out of this world--love this shrub!!!

Closeup of the trumpet type daffodil--we have several of these on the property, but they don't bloom as well as the small flowered types.

These are the earliest to bloom--the campernelle narcissus and they began to open the last week of January. These were here when we moved to this property in 1999. I have no idea just how long they have been here.

Closing with something different--these are our Firepower nandinas on the south side of our house. We planted these in 2001, and they are really colorful through the winter, In a month or so, the red leaves will start to shed and the new green foliage will appear.

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Julia NY(6)

Just what I needed to see. Lovely bulb pics to brighten the day. I so long for something green to be showing. Thanks for posting.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

all are very pretty,AVEDON, I found a lone little daff blooming yesterday in the yard.they been here for years and slowly disappearing.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

YAY! Signs of spring somewhere! All very welcome to see. I wish I could smell that honeysuckle. We have tons of snow here....just shoveled out from the last 2 snowstorms and are now expecting another round tomorrow. It will be a long wait for some of us til we see signs of life in our gardens so we appreciate your pictures and hope you will show us more! Thanks, Avedon!


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