A few qestions on Thanksgiving Cacti

Lamora(4)December 6, 2012

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. :)

I have a Thanksgiving Cactus, Not huge, but not small either. It was given to me in not so good shape. She wasn't taken care off too well.

I recently repotted (same size pot) in 5-1-1 mix, so far she seems to like it.

My first question is: one whole stem is almost torn all the way off, but the segments seem to not be affected too bad, kinda wilty, but not really dying. Should I let it be and see? Or take off the stem where it is torn?

Second Question: There seems to be a lot of segments with holes in them, most these are at the very end of plant, and there seem to be no new growth. Should I take off the segments with the holes? Not sure what caused them, but there aren't any more or bigger.

All she produced so far is one little flower, nothing eles is showing up. What bothers me the most is the lack of ANY new growth on this plant. Not too overly worried about the lack of flowers, wasn't really expecting any, but I am concerned about the lack of now growth.

Third Question: I have a few little TC's, they are FINALLY doing good! lol (took forever to root) but they are just starts. How old is a TC before they start to flower? I know it will be a while before the babies will flower, but I was just wondering when they will..

Thank you for any comments and answers for me, this plant means a lot to me, the person I got it from was a friend that passed on last month, would love to see it grow and flower~~ just for her~~ :)


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I have had Schlumbergera for only a few years but this is my advice to you.

I would take the half torn segment off and separate it into 2 to 3 segment pieces and put them in as many pots as you want (put them all together for a full plant or separate for lots of little plants) and let it root.

Some Schlumbergera are slow growers but for aesthetic reasons you may want to just take what you want from the old plant and root it into a new one and get rid of the not as attractive segments with holes. I don't know where the holes are in the segments or if it is affecting its growth.

Under the right conditions you can get a Schlumbergera to flower before the cutting reaches 1 year. I have had mine for 3 years but only got them to flower this year. I am not very good with watering and I moved around a lot (which they hate). I have finally settled down and have found them a spot they seem to like that gets some sun (not too much), gets cool at night, is fairly humid and stays dark at night (no artificial light). Some people can get them to bloom without lifting a finger while others struggle to find just the right environment.

I found it frustrating when mine would bud only to have them drop a week later.

Good luck!

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Thanks Cyirra, been wanting to cut the ones with holes off, but my DH says to let it settle some. New owner, new home, new soil, new situation for it. (only been a month since it came to me, only a few days with the new soil)

After repotting it, that one stem that is torn almost all the way, the segements are actually doing pretty good. It isn't nearly as wilty as it was before. So IDK.. after closer inspection, there really isn't that many segments with holes. Not as many as I first thought.

I thank you for your advice, it is very much apprecieated, but I think I will wait for a bit longer and see. Maybe it does need some TLC. I will keep your advice in mind tho, very good advice I must say. :)

Thanks again
Marjie :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I'd suggest you pls. just leave it alone & let it recover & get used to its new home (Guess I agree w/ your DH).

Pls. be advised these plants tend not to react well to being fussed over. In nature, they grow in the crotch of tree branches w/ no one around to fuss over them, remove imperfect leaves & inspect for holes or insect damage & they do JUST FINE!!

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Could over watering make it wilty? My wonderful husband thinks that it is wilty cuz it needs water~~ so he waters it, I keep telling him to let it dry out more, but since most the roots are on top, to him, if the top of the soil is dry, it needs water.

Plus the water he is using has plant food in it, over feeding/watering = wilting??

Thanks again

p/s, it isn't really ME that is FUSSING over it right now.. DH is doing his part too!! lol

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Pls. tell him I said if he keeps it up, he's likely to kill the plant for you. How often is he watering? No more fertilizer, pls. at all!

Maybe the better question would be whose plant is it? Yours or his? Perhaps invite him to read this thread?

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