Need Advice! Bare Front Yard!

sananmomMay 30, 2014

I just purchased this home last year and my front yard is in dire need of some curb appeal. I tried planting boxwoods below the front windows but my neighbor from hell lets his dogs run all over my yard and they peed my poor plants to death.
I need ideas for drought and heat tolerant plants, hopefully ones that can survive dog urine. Also, the front of my home gets western sun and it gets really hot out there. I know landscaping isn't cheap but I need affordable ideas.
I put up a pic I got from Google Maps to show you the front of my home. It's a blank canvas so any help or ideas would be so appreciated! I'm open for anything!! Thanks!

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Here's another angle of the front..

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Do you want bushes (either evergreen or not), flowers, ornamentals, etc?

Did you also want to add anything to the sidewalk area or just by the side of your house?

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That's where I need help! I'd like to have flowering shrubs next to the garage but that area is shaded, rarely gets any sun. Everyone around this neighborhood has green shrubs next to the garage or in the front and I'd like to do something different.
I would like to have a lot of color and plants of different heights along the front by the windows, but since my neighbors dog likes to use my yard for his bathroom, I'd probably have to put all the plants in containers.... That dog killed the 2 boxwood's I had up front so I had to pull them up...

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I would talk to the neighbor about his dog. You should be able to plant anything you wish in your own yard. It's your property after all. Leash law comes to mind.

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