Sick Jade - White cracked hole and scratches

Jade18December 3, 2012

Can anyone tell me what might be happening to my agave? You can see the white spot on the leaf which is cracked all the way through. There are other spots on the plant with tiny holes or scratches. My assumption is that it's a weevil, though I haven't seen any at all.

I plan on repotting the agave in well-draining mix, but is there anything I can do to treat the plant? Any information would be great.


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Pet damage, or a slug/snail, is my guess. A weevil would usually go to the core. I can't suggest anything until we know for sure, but when you're repotting you can do a thorough inspection of the undersides of the leaves, where the critter may be hanging out.

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Expecting jade but got agave...Nice plant, though!


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Cactusmcharris, thanks so much! It may be a slug/snail because I had it outside before taking it in. The problem started outside.

Kaktuskris, I just noticed that, oops! Thanks

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'White cracked hole and scratches'

Now most forums wouldn't discuss homemade sugar donuts with claws, but we have a full-service one here, just blessed with it, I think.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I wouldnt be too concerned, it may not even be from a creature, though it does look suspiciously like it. It could have been anything that poked a hole thru the leaf, the generally make spots like that to seal off the wound.

I see spots like this on agaves alot around here, its often from a pup growing too large and stabbing its terminal spine thru a mature leaf.

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