Is this a pachypodium?

robinpla(10b)December 5, 2012

Dug this plant up from my front yard today. It has survived compact clay, slugs, California winter rains, shade and scorching sun, and the occasional frost. Decided it would be happier in a pot. I would bet my money on a pachypodium, but which species? Anyone know?

Thank you,

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Not without the photo you forgot, I am sure!


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And I call myself tech savvy :)

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Hi Robin,

Indeed it's a Pachy, maybe that lealii v. saundersii type that does so well in SouCal.

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Yes! That's it! Thanks :)

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Of course (1) I don't know the difference between it and P. l. v. lealii, other that I've never seen that particular one and and the other one is so prevalent and (2) it will explode in growth if you put it in the ground for summer. If you're wanting to really grow it, put it in a raised bed, from where you'd likely never have to take it out for winter, and where it would double in size in And the cheque will be in the mail. Looking forward to potting up some plants in spring in some new homes!

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"Pachypodium lealii is rarely seen. However, P. saundsersii is fairly common in the market place and has a couple different varieties."

I think I bought this plant at Home Depot (or similar place), so if the above text is accurate it seems more likely that I have the saundsersii kind. And looking at pictures that seems to be the case too.

If I had the space I would grow all kinds of plants in raised beds, possibly have a green house. The little piece of space I have in the front of my house is in shade most of the day, and the soil is horrible for succulents. That's why I migrated all my succulents to my garage roof this summer. It's turned out great. I have slowly rescued the best plants from my front yard to live on the roof. This pachypodium has been in the ground for 4 or 5 years and has maybe doubled in size...and that is kind of lousy.

We are planning on moving to a bigger property in the next year or two. Hopefully then I can fulfill my dreams (and that includes a potting studio ;)

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Oh, and I dug up this uncarina grandidieri the other day which has BARELY grown at all in the front yard. But to my surprise the underground caudex was like a xmas gift!! Now I wonder if I should have just kept it in the ground. But, what the heck! It's in a pot now displaying its juicy caudex :)

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That looks and sounds like Saunder's Pachypodium. Mine has taken the same beating...I even, by accident of course, whacked it with a hoe slicing it in half or less. It took that in stride and is still going like a energizer bunny.

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God forbid you gave it an ounce too much water at the wrong time. It would rot and die. But neglect it, whack it in half with a hoe, run it over with a car, no problem! My neighbor lady has been too old to take care of her succulents. She was just moved to a nursing home. With permission I went in to her property and surprise, she had some mature and nice plants. No one has taken care of them for the last five years. Dry clay soil, no water, full sun. In the meantime I am killing plant after plant by caring too much :) tricky ungrateful little things :)

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