Problem with a Honeybell Orange Tree

rpgibbs(z5 IN)December 16, 2006

We bought a Honeybell Orange tree 2 years ago from a local nursery and at that time it had blooms and several small oranges at the time of planting. However the past 2 seasons there have been no blooms or oranges present on the tree. The tree looks very healthy and has grown substantially with a deep green color and many new branches - but no blooms or oranges. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? We live in Naples.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

It sounds somewhat strange, but I'm betting that this spring it'll probably produce some. Perhaps it got more nitrogen last year inducing vegetative growth, instead of flowering. If it doesn't this spring, perhaps ease back on ferts to see if that will help it.


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I purchased and planted a new Honeybell Tangelo tree. I followed the planting instructions given to me from the nursery representative. The tree is now full of blossoms and little green oranges. Am I supposed to pluck off the little green oranges now since harvest is from Dec to Mar, or will it take from now until Dec for the little green oranges to ripen?

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bencelest(z9 CA)

They are self plucking. The plant will drop fruits they don't need or can carry. Only 2% or less of the strongest fruit will remain.
And if you want much bigger fruit when the fruit is marble size pluck the ones that are a little smaller than the rest.
I only retain 2 to 3 fruit per branch- my preference only

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I just bought a Rio honey tangerine ( its flowers are as small as lime flowers) and a honey tangerine ( its flowers are bigger). I heard there are Honey Murcott and Honeybell tangerines ( what else?). Do all those trees have sweet fruits? If you say that depends on the soil, does lime or Potassium increase the sweetness? or what? The problem with lime is it increases the ph and citruses are acid lovers. Well, I sure thank you very much. K

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parrothead_fa(z10 FL)

Yes, it will take from now til dec to ripen fruit which are forming now. I learned since moving to Florida that most citrus take from 6-9 months from fruit set to harvest. Also, never prune or cut back the braches on your citrus, as they flower from the new growth, and you'll be removing the part that will produce next years fruit.

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cavamarie(z8b/9a FL)

I also have a small Honeybell (known also as a Minneola Tangelo I believe). I was told they are not self pollinating; that they need another citrus closeby to pollinate. I just got a Temple orange tree to plant nearby, so I hope that helps in setting more fruit.

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I have a couple of orange trees that are having problems with brown spots on their leaves. These spots will grow and then bore through the leaf itself. What is it and how do I get rid of it?

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southernites(z9 FL)

We have a beautiful second season honeybelle which produced fruit last year. This year there are only 2 or 3 on it.

The tree was quite large when we purchased it.The leaves look good, dark green and it is growing well.

What am I doing wrong? We live in Ormond Beach but not near the ocean about 6 to 8 miles in land.

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honeybells are definetely not self pollinating- and- not just any other citrus close by will do it- they need a specific kind..

I think most people use Page or Ponkin for the pollinators (but don't quote me on those names)..

Google them and you should find the names of pollinators you can use.

I had a beautiful honeybell a few years ago but took it back when I googled and found that it was not self pollinating.

Good luck

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'Minneola' (a.k.a. Honneybelle) is often budded to 'Cleopatra' mandarin rootstock, which gives a vigorous tree with high-quality fruit. However, this combination often takes several years to really start bearing well.

Minneola does need a pollenizer, but nearly any other variety will do. The few that don't work include another 'Minneola', 'Orlando' tangelo, and anything that does not make viable pollen, such as 'Tahiti' lime or most navel oranges. But nearly any other mandarin, sweet orange, grapefruit, tangor, or lemon should work just fine. The house I grew up in had a 'Minneola' and a 'Meyer' lemon, and the Minn. made huge crops of fruit with that pollen.

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

mine seems to do well with self pollintion

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Some of the fruit on my honeybell is spitting and dropping from the tree. Any ideas?

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Too much water - probably rainfall amounts . Nothing you can do .
This is from U of F :

Minneola will develop into a very large tree at maturity and adequate space for development should be provided.
Minneola is not strongly self-fruitful and low yields will be experienced if suitable pollenizers are not supplied in close proximity and numbers.
Even when pollenizers are supplied and growing conditions are good, Minneolas will sometimes produce disappointingly small crops, the reason for which is not clearly understood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Minneola Tangelo

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i bought a honneybell tree 3 years ago.this is the first year that half the tree produced. the fruit is shaped like a honeybell but is larger than a grape fruit. the fruit taste like a sour orange and only 2 turned orange. the other 2 dozen are yellow. the tree is healthy and i have followed fertilizing and spraying instructions. do you think this tree will produce good fruit or should i remove it?

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we have a wonderfully large honey bell tree that produces many fruit each season about 13 years old. most fruit have seeds some have lots of seeds. my tree produces both a honey bell look orange as well as a plain orange look. my tree also produces some ugly bumpy fruit, inside the flesh is good. not all oranges are affected by this ugly look. we feed as recommended, it is planted on a slight hill so roots don't stay wet. i thought honey bell had no seeds and all were bell shaped on top. what do i do for these ugly fruit can they be sprayed when in flower? with wehat?

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lisascenic Urban Gardener, Oakland CA

If the fruit is tasty, who cares if it's ugly on the outside?

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b j hicks - are the "ugly" fruits toward the bottom of the tree? could be the rootstock is producing branches and you're getting two types of fruit on your tree. Look for a graft line and see whether any of the branches producing fruit are below that.

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My bark is cracking and pealing off. What is causing this.

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We live in Jax and have had a beautiful Honey beell tangelo tree for 11 years. This year, no new leaves (old leaves curled and hanging on) BUT lots of flowers and small green fruit starting as usual. The tree looks unwell. Thoughts?

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