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james1982(5)May 22, 2013

Hi all and thank you for taking the time to offer your advice. My wife and I bought a house on a very busy street a few years ago and we are getting a tad fed up with the garbage/lack of privacy from the street. We were hoping to establish some sort of privacy hedge.

My main concern is salt spray. We're dealing with a 40' strip along the road in full to partial sun. The strip in which I would have to plant is about 7' wide off of a major road (there is a retaining wall that constrains me to this area). I highly doubt arborvitaes would survive in this environment.

Thus, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what might make a fairly dense 4-5' hedge. I have visited a few local nurseries, but have walked away with very little in terms of ideas. I am certainly not fixated on conifers and would like to get something started before it gets too hot. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

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dominoswrath(5 WI)

Some people hate them, and I can't comment specifically on the salt, but I LOVE my privets. I planted them at about a foot tall, three years later they reached 4 1/2', and now on the sixth (?) year they are probably at or over 6 feet tall.

For every 12 inches they grow, cut them back 6". Keep doing this and they'll grow thick and lush.

We specifically planted Cheyenne privets. We purchased individual plants from a local nursery, and then planted more which came in a pack of 30 or so which amounted to sticks with roots on them. And we planted them, and they grew.

They will flop the first few years before they grow strong enough, like after heavy rains - I shake the excess water off to plop them up again. By the 4th or 5th year they should be strong enough to sustain the moisture.

A hedge trimmer will be necessary every year once they're established to shape them. Make sure the bottom is wider than the top when hedging. They respond beautifully to hedging.

I have them in rich black topsoil with clay about 18" beneath that. They do tend to drop leaves during a drought though, so it may be necessary to supplement watering during those times. I have them in both full sun and partial shade. They'll get fuller in full sun, but will do well in partial shade too. Planted the second batch at another property with sandy dry soil, and they're performing well so far. This is the second year.

Stagger them when planting for full privacy, I think about 18-24 inches apart. Don't plant them in a straight row, unless you have to.

aside from privets, I thought I recalled reading that Thuja Green Giants do well with road salt. You can also hedge these at the preferred height, and Green Giants grow FAST.

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