Insects and Spraying???

pgde(Tucson Zone 9)December 11, 2012

Hi All:

Several questions:

1. Is this a good time of the year to spray non-blooming citrus with hort oil? I was thinking that since the temps are now more moderate, this might be good to attack eggs, etc.
2. I have a supply of Neem oil. Does Neem oil = horticultural oil and can it be substituted?
3. Some insect is attacking the fruits of my Naval Orange tree and my Star Ruby Grapefruit. Whatever it is drills a perfectly round hole in the fruit about 0.5 inch in diameter and when one shakes the fruit, a swarm of tiny insects come flying out that have transparent wings, black (or dark) bodies and are about 1/16" to 1/8" in size. What is interesting is that they do not attack either of my lemons or my lime tree. Any ideas or what to do? I don't have any pix since I wanted to destroy the fruit ASAP. Will try to remember to get pix next time....

Thanks all for your help.

Happy holidays!


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The hole and the insects are likely not related; without a photo I would venture to guess that the hole is made by a bird and the insects are just taking advantage of the easy access to sugar.

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