deer repellent

joelsm(z6)May 11, 2008

I live near Lake Ontario in zone 6- have used coyote urine sprinkled around "deer desserts" annuals. It worked, but the garden wasn't near the house(about 100 feet away from back patio). It smelled awful up close, but it worked! Applied after summer downpours- about 3 times during the season. Once in the Fall before frost. Can buy it at most garden centers. Good luck!

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OK. How do you GET coyote urine? Even if you buy it in "granular form", if that exists, how the heck do people get it in the first place, cause I can't imagine. Coyotes are wild. No one can capture their pee. If they are in a zoo, still, how would anyone capture the pee and get enough to sell. I'm almost laughing. Please tell me. Would my husband do? Could I send him out to "protect" the bushes with his coyote urine?

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Coyote urine doesnt work for me - maybe as the deer have established browsing trails. Yesterday deer were munching just three feet away from an application its back to garlic and sggs. Trouble is the garlic clogs up the sprayer - you cant win it seems.

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