Mulch AND plant options around pool

salandry54(z9Louisiana)May 3, 2004

I live in the South -- hot summers and mild winters. Just installed in-ground swimming pool. Have great areas for landscaping around pool. Interested in mulch ideas that will not end up in the pool. Also, interested in any plant ideas for landscaping around the pool -- especially plants that will not shed much. Thanks!

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snowman9000(NE Illinois 5b)

We used "river rock", rounded stones averaging 3/4" to 1". It's not mulch, but it's clean and stays put.

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I am in the same growing conditions as you are, so here goes. Other than some evergreen shrubs, I don't know to many plants that won't shed some in the fall/winter. What kind of look are you wanting? Do you want a living screen of low growing plantings? I think I would scout around other neighborhoods and see what is working for others. And even draw it out on paper before going to the expense of experimenting. Its going to depend on what you like and how much you want to maintain. Check with some of the local nurseries and see what they have to offer in the way of plants. Ask a LOT of questions. As far as some plants go the first that comes to my mind would be Indian Hawthorn or Yaupon Holly. Neither sheds to badly. Perhaps line the pool side with some of those and then go out with other plantings that you like. The shrubs would eventually be a stopping point to some degree for leaves and mulch getting into your pool. And they can take the heat and abuse. As far as mulch perhaps pine straw, or lava rocks or those rocks about the same size as the lava. Hope this helps, trudyjean

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Railroad vine will cover beds fast to prevent mulch & dirt from making a mess. I like Bird of paradize, Fox tail fern, Gingers, Fishtail palm, short Cavanish Bananas,& Elephant ears.

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depending on your winters ,, sago palms. yuccas and real palms are great .. they do not shed leaves into the pool , are evergreen and give a great look

also bananas ....

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