E. lambii looks a little droopy after a freeze,

gargaileDecember 21, 2013

She looks droopy after the freeze 2 weeks ago here in LA.

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Hers a closer look. -Gary

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How cold did you get? not too many Euphorbias are tolerant of freezes. I had about 6 species outdoors last week that were supposed to be cold tolerant, and all but one melted (Euphorbia resnifera actually survived the freeze pretty well). E lambii is completely toast. So you must have been spared most of the freeze for yours to look so good.

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

Off topic Gary: what is that interesting geometric metal (?) structure in the back left of your photo? I am very curious about it. Min

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Hi Min. Its my kids castle slide. Lol

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