Hot sun on a rocky slope

bobcairnsMay 4, 2006

I need suggestions for annuals to plant on a rocky slope facing west. The plants will get burning sun all afternoon. The area is between the sidewalk and the street, under a large Maple tree. The tree provides shade in the morning but not in the afternoon. I would prefer plants that have a trailing habit.

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I have just finished planting lots of canna plants on my
rocky hill, also at the top i put creeping phlox..i think
it will be beautiful next year, you might like to try this, cannas will grow anywhere and since its on a rocky hill, these cannas will keep the land from washing when you dig..patticake

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Portulaca is an excellent ground cover for sunny areas and because its a succulent it can withstand drought situation which will apply since it will have to compete with the Maple tree roots for moisture. Also called Moss Rose it gets nice flowers on it throughout the summer and grows 2 inches tall.

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