Planting citrus trees together

kevindhDecember 8, 2007

I have an undetermined dwarf orange tree, a Eureka Lemon and a Mexican "Key" Lime tree. I've been told that they should not be planted close to each other or they will cross polinate. If this is true, how far apart should I plant them? Can the orange be in the same yard as the lemon and lime?

I appreciate your reply!!


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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

makes no sense to me. Cross pollination will not change the flavor of the fruit, and unless you plan on planting and growing seed, it won't make any difference at all.
There are a very small number of citrus that will have more seeds when cross pollinated, like W. Murcott. But none of the 3 you mentioned will be affected by cross.
Even if the were, being in the same yard would be too close and there are almost certainly other citrus trees close enough to you that it will happen anyway.
Hope that helps

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Kevin, the topic of cross pollination is a complicated one! But very simply, your citrus cannot and will not cross pollinate. The bees may swap pollen all over the place, the pollen from one can't fertilize the flower of the others. Okay? This is for citrus, by the way, and not necessarily for other plants.

As Arthur said...IF THEY COULD successfully cross pollinate, it would never be the fruit that would be affected, but the seeds within that fruit. The seedling generation would be highly variable.

As an aside, yummy summer squash can cross pollinate with pumpkins (for example). Such an event won't affect the quality of this year's harvest, but don't save the seeds to plant next year! Yikes!

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