Satsuma in Lots of Snow

arkberry(8b)December 27, 2012

On Christmas day, we received our single largest snowfall day in history of 10+ inches. For those in the north 10 inches in zone 8 is a ton of ice and snow. It looks like it made it through the first day of snow and 20 degree temps just fine. I put three sheets on it and a plaster tarp (plastic did not touch any leaves). The trunk is wrapped in insulating foam and cardboard. I also used a pan of water under the sheets and the small metal pole to help it support the weight. It as the only tree or shrub in the hard not to be bent over from the weight. There is a ten foot tall Camillia in the background laying completely down. The sun did not come out at all today and the temps did not get above 32 so I left it covered all day today.

With the exception of one large potted Satsuma, I had to bring the rest inside. The large potted tree is in the garage.

I hope all of the zone 8 citrus did citrus growers were ready and the trees did ok.

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

Wow! Where are you located (geographically)? Perhaps some colored Xmas lights on the Satsuma would look nice against the snow and be a picture for any Xmas cards next year .

Best of luck from Tucson.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Sounds like you did a great job protecting it. that is a ton of snow for a zone 8. I bet its going to make it just fine. while its still small and manageable I would make a framed structure out of PVC pipe and plastic to have on the ready when you need to throw something over it.

our weather man lied to us again, surprise surprise. They said 100% chance of 2-4 inches of snow on Christmas day and we got nothing. needless to say I will never tell my kids its going to snow on Christmas ever again.


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Well, if you were looking forward to dealing with the usual pest and fungus issues that plague your trees so, you can say goodbye to those..How sad..:-(

It just does not seem right to see a citruis in amoungst all that snow! Funny thing is, we have not have any yet and I am in zone 5. Not right!

Mike, since when do you have kids!!!? How old? And your idea of making a framed cold structure is a great one! I woukld do just so if it were me and have a little space heater as a back up. Sheesh, is the world going mad in the weather department. I think it's time to be crative with protecting all the plants not accustomed to such cold temps and snow of all things!

Pgde.... too has a great idea. You might actually do well with cards like that. It's a once in a lifetime thing, hopefully to take a shot like that.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

hey mike.

yep got 2, daughter 8 son 14. My daughter is taking a small interest in my plant hobbies so that is fun. She wanted and got a Chia pet for christmas.


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We are in Little Rock Arkansas at the top of the zone. First Christmas day snow since 1929. Mike, we got whatever snow you were promised for snow and then some. I have some of the big bulb lights that I am may put on it soon. Still real cold here.

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Satsuma is very hardy and can stand 25 temp even 20 your tree will be fine. This snow is unusual in zone 8 but just a reminder with the winter mess we get down in the North.

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