Best place for my ponytail

sharlea2348May 16, 2014

I just got a ponytail and wanted to know where best to keep it. I live in an apt. with southern exposure in Austin, TX. I have a balcony that gets full sun in the afternoon. Temps can get as high as 100 degrees in summer. Should I keep my ponytail in my apt. and open the blinds so it can get sun or can I put it on my balcony?

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My ponytails are in the balcony and are doing fairly well..our temperatures hit 40 degrees centigrade! However it does make for an awesome houseplant as well as long as it gets adequate bright light. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Anshudavar20. I put it on my balcony and it gets sun for about 3-4 hours a day. A couple of the top leaves (not sure if they're called leaves) look a little brown. I watered it and put it in a planter with space at the bottom to catch water. I am planning to water it every Sunday. I hope this works out. Thanks again for responding.

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