Looking for flowering plants for salt air climate..

Dreameyes7May 9, 2005

I am trying to find flowering plants to put around my pond which is located in Brigantine NJ (BEACH)which is Zone 7 I believe. The location gets full sun most of the day. I was wondering what grows and will live in a salt air climate and would need to deal with heavy winds in the winter time if I plant them directly in the dirt around the pond. I am hoping to keep the flowers/plants in a container/pot and place the pots near the pond pavers if I can.....if they may die with such a small planter I will be forced to plant them in the ground around my pond. I'm also looking for something that wont get to big. Any suggestions on what will add color to my pond surroundings and will thrive in the salt air....?? THANKS A MILLION!!

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Dreameyes7 -
I also live by the sea, very close to it (about 100 steps) here in Massachsetts. So I'm afraid I'm in a bit colder zone than you need, but not by much. My plant lists are wide and varied and I'm always "pushing the envelope" so-to-speak regarding plants that are, "salt-tolerant".
However, if you're into reading, I would love to make some suggestions as to books you that might give you some help, they are:
Gardening By the Sea by Dan Foley (from the 60's, but very informative); Seaside Gardening by Susan S. H. Littlefield; Gardening on the Eastern Shore by Marilyn R. Schmidt 1983; and the wonderful Patrick Chasse with, Taylor's Guide to Seaside Gardening.
As to tidbits:
Five Shrubs that do VERY well in this climate:
Ilex glabra - very much used in NJ and Long Island coasts.
Privet  very vigorous
Tamarix  (species may be invasive)
Rosa Rugosa
Black Mugo Pine
Plants that do well in this environment are those that have very little surface area to collect salt, ie. Miscanthus grasses & Cytisus (Broom), grey-leaved plants do well in the coastal environment, waxy or leathery plants do well here, and the "bluer" the Ilex (Holly), the more salt-tolerant it is, as well.
Hope some of this helps!

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Don't forget Sea Oats (Chasmanthium), heather, and lavender.

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