Make your own motion detection sprinkler and light

tyhawk(5)May 26, 2007

Buy a motion detecting floodlight ($8.00 to $40.00) Wire it in or attach an extension cord to it. With the power turned off to it, unscrew the back of the detection lense. Wire a 24 volt transformer ($12.00) into the common(White)wire and the other line into the Hot (red) wire. From the transformer go to a regular sprinkler valve for underground irrigation systems ($10.00 to $25.00). Put a Pipe to Hose thread adapter on the valve and attach a hose. Put 1 or more impact type sprinkler heads on the other end of the hose/hoses. Aim it at the flower bed and your deer problem is over. $40.00 to $60.00 and a bit of your time..

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On a side note. If your not inclined to make one of these you can buy lesser quality ones without lights on line for around $80.00. I think the light helps and you can use red bulbs for added effect.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scarecrow

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Interesting! I've always wanted to make a burglar alarm with the motion detectors...any ideas anybody?

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