Moro Blood orange blooming?

doomedjest(PA)December 13, 2005

Hi All,

About a month ago my ponderosa lemon bloomed, and has set a few fruit, which i thought was great. However i looked at my moro blood orange last night and it new has a few buds on it, about 6 or so, last year had one bud. I thought that the blood orange was supposed to bloom in the spring? Was it perhaps tricked into blooming due to the ponderosa lemon blooming right beside it?

All of my trees are pretty much packed into a room that has a hot water heater and furnace in it, works well to keep the temps warm in the winter, and makes a nice small room for my MH light.

Any ideas on why it would bloom in Dec? because it is no where near spring...



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Bryan, according to Briteleaf's site, Moro's are harvested between Dec-Feb.
You should count your blessings, (S) in my citrus book it states, young Moro's are slow to come into bearing, taking 1-2 yrs longer than navel oranges.
They bear medium sized fruit, and it says if you're going to eat, don't keep on tree too long otherwise fruit loses its flavor.
Perhaps the hot water heater helped w/humidity. I don't know about the furnace, what's the temp in that room?
My basement stays cool yr round..we've a Freddy Krugger furnace, a coal converted to gas
If there was more light I'd be all set to add several new trees, but there's only 6 small basement windows, 3 south 3 north. Congrats, maybe you'll get fruit. Right now I've got several citrus in bloom..whether or not they'll fruit, well, only God knows. Toni

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Well i doubt the water heater helps with humidity, since it is enclosed, but i know that the oil furnace definately helps with keeping the room warm. The last time i checked soil temps there were around 65-70 i think. The room would get no light if it wasn't for the MH lamp, but it makes it so easy to keeps the temps up,and the amount of light high, on a timer and also the room has white walls.
I was just concerned b/c it seems like it is way to eary for this tree to be blooming.

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Bryan, nothing eerie about it..Not like a Steven King book..LOL..
The reason I mentioned humidity and the water heater is because my basement is fairly humid..Other than washing clothes and the water heater, those are the only two items that contain water, so I assumed it was the water heater's doing..
Well, congrats on your new blooms, hope they all turn to fruit..Toni

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chopstocky(z6 NY Sunset 37)

Bryan, I also have a blood orange but it's not blooming. Don't really know why yours would. Maybe there has been a change in the amount of light hours from your light timer? Could it be under stress from another source such as the watering schedule?

Toni, the humidity is probably from your washing machine. My basement is also a little humid from a washing machine. Bryan, I assume your water heater is sealed therefore not allowing humidity to escape, unless it is steam heat.

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Chops you have a point but the washer is closed when I wash clothes, course water comes out of the hose..I have gas heat/vents. Next spring a new furnace is in order though. Well the water heater thing was a guess..Toni

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