Shade Trees for Oceanfront Gardens

src1June 28, 2010

I'm looking for ideas for large shade trees that can tolerate the conditions on an exposed bluff overlooking the ocean, so it would need to be salt and wind tolerant and adaptable to sandy soils. All the trees I see in these conditions (specifically on Martha's Vineyard) seem to be contorted and dwarfed by the exposure. Anyone know of anything that can grow large enough to offer substantial shade on this type of site?

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kathyannd(Zone 9b)

You might look at a Cleveland Pear if you don't want fruit. Another slower growing choice but gorgeous shade tree would be a magnolia. But my #1 suggestion is Royal Empress, AKA Royal Princess (Pawlownia). It's a super-fast growing shade tree for any soil, and they have fragrant purple flowers too.

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White Pine does pretty well on my parents' property.
I'm told Pitch Pine do well.

White oak does decently in salty area, as does blue spruce (the oaks in my parents land grow in the shelter of the house but survive well)

I've seen crab apple grow on the sandy ocean cliffs themselves.

Keep in mind all coastal areas aren't created equal. Are you in a sheltered bay, or exposed to the ocean itself? Does a spit of land shelter you? How far is the farthest part of your property from the ocean?

Check out my question on a similar topic:

Also check out the Massachusetts Coastal Landscaping website

Here is a link that might be useful: Massachusetts Office of Coastal Management

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