Questions about grafted plants

robinpla(10b)December 5, 2012

Bought this mammillaria "fred" monstrous over the summer and when I repotted the plant I noticed that it was grafted. I don't know much about grafted plants, but I felt somewhat cheated. So here are some questions regarding grafted plants:

1. Can a grafted plant stay on the root stock indefinitely or should it be separated at some point? And if so, when?

2. In a c&s show are grafted plants frowned up?

3. If a plant was once grafted but later separated from root stock does that have to be disclosed in a c&s show?

4. Is grafting something I should get into if I want to grow prize winning plants? It intimidates me a little, but sounds interesting.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

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Q&A time, eh? Well, since I respond well to monstrous growth, I'm here for you

1) IMO&E, it should be - 'Fred' can be grown on its own quite easily, once it's (the scion) outgrown the stock.

2) Usually covered up by strategic potting / top dressing in a / for a Show.

3) Thank you for a question about the details - I would say it depends on what it's growing as at the time of entry - a grafted plant or not.

4) Grafting does put a jump start on slow and slow-and-difficult plants, to get them to maturity / flowering (and seeding) size, there's no doubt. Additionally, most new species (I can think of Digitostigma as a recent example) are grown on grafted stock to get them to maturity / flowering size / pupping/cutting size more quickly, and it works for that reason. For others, it's aesthetics aiding / preventing them.

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Thanks so much! If I wanted to start experimenting with grafting succulents, where would you recommend me starting? What plant is easy and meaningful to try? Aztekium ritteri is on my wishlist, but probably not a good plant to start with :)

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

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